Recent Projects

Laura likes to make all different types of things (with a particular love for designing web sites). Below you’ll find some of her most recent work.

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Painted portrait of Laura Morgan by Kris Morgan

Laura lives with her (quite talented) husband, Kris in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by water and tall green trees. Most days, Laura can be found at the Seattle Central Creative Academy honing her skills so that she can become a badass designer.

Laura has always been interested in design in some shape or form (fashion, interior, or print design). It was not until she finally took Kris up on the idea and learned HTML and CSS that she fell in love with web design. Her goal is to make clean websites that will put a smile on people’s faces.

When she is not designing, Laura is cuddled up reading books with her cat, Albus Dumblecat, devouring cookies, or out taking photos (Washington weather perming).